Saturday, February 11, 2006

BLOG WATCH Episode 1 Mark Humphreys

The first in another occasional series, this time drawn from Dobber's rambling excursions into the outside blogosphere. Here Dobber will highlight various opinion blogs that have caught his eye.

Number One in this series comes from an Irishman named Mark Humphreys, whose wonderings "Writings on Politics and Religion" were apparently named "Best Overall Blog, Freedom Institute Irish Blog Awards 2005". Mark describes his blog as an "informal collection of links, information and opinion on religious, philosophical, political and other controversial topics". This should be wholeheartedly encouraged and digested. However Mark has enthusiastically created a bizarre skewered universe of clearly baseless irrational ideas despite spending considerable data-transfer usage castigating the rest of the world for just that.

Mark's world is "full of folly and brutality" where the "fundamental points remain that the west is the best part of planet earth - everywhere else is worse". We are guided through a labyrinth of links. He proves that America is the oldest democracy in the world and proudly states that although he is Irish he does not identify primarily with Ireland, or with Europe. He regards himself as a member of The Free World, and the U.S. military is his army. Mark rails against the traditional right wing bugbears of the media and Hollywood bemoaning that "The bad guys are never Islamists". Last year Mark bravely announced the French Intifada following the Paris riots and carefully compares notes with the non existence of riots by whites, Jews or Asians (non-Muslim) in the West over the last 40 years.

The site is a cornucopia of fantastically absurd and yet slightly disturbing logic. To openly challenge any of Mark's points with reason or rationale would seem churlish and fruitless, the site works best as a reverse catalyst for our internal development. By being confronted with such detailed wrong headedness it helps solidify genuine rational arguments and concepts. Tuck in.